Hello All,

Can't find bin file! :

I have an ubiquiti Unifi UAP AC Outdoor and i would like to put OpenWRT on it, but i went to the Table Of Hardware then clicked on Unifi AC and found under installing OpenWRT that the file location was openwrt-ar71xx-generic-ubnt-unifiac-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin and could not find the file.

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP AC Outdoor can load bin file from web server page. :

I have tired using ddwrt and was able to put it my device by holding reset button for 15 secs after i plug power into the device then going to with my pc having a static ip uploading fireware then this device restarts after upload with correct firmware.

How stable is the OpenWRT on this device? :

DDWRT was not stable it lost communication to ethernet ports after creating vlans. I am trying to find an alternative to ubiquiti's unifi controller idea which is not feasible to my application. Any input would be helpful thank you!