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Topic: Resetting E4200v2 (or EA4500) without serial console

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I just readed that this routers are now fully supported, so I wanted to give it a try. As there are no stable release yey with this hardware support, and even then, I want to be pretty much sure that I can revert easily to the factory firmware in case anything goes wrong.

However the documentation for these routers only talks about restoring it via serial connection, wich I prefer not to use, as involves opening the router and wiring it.

Are any other methods to reset to stock firmware, in case something goes wrong?

1- If access to openWrt is working, can it be reflashed to a stock firmware directly from Luci or command prompt, like in this post
2- Another alternative could be using Linksys Tftp tool and instructions [ … Num=137928]?


For #1, yes, you can reflash the factory image with sysupgrade or LuCI.

For #2, the TFTP tool will not work. The bootloader on these devices doesn't have a TFTP server. Using the serial console you can get a TFTP client on the bootloader to load a working image you then flash. That requires a TFTP server on another machine.

Linksys stores a primary and a backup firmware at all times. That is, when you flash a new image it goes into the partition you are not currently using. The image you flashed from is then kept as the backup image.

If your new image doesn't work you should be able to force the firmware to switch to the backup by forcibly failing to boot three times in a row. I haven't tested it when I didn't have the console hooked up, but it should be possible to turn the device on, wait about three seconds, and power it off. Repeat three times and you should be back to the old image.

Leitec that is great news!, I didn't know about the backup image, looks promising.

I will give a try to OpenWrt Designated Driver soon!

Worked like a charm!

I didn't need to resort to recovering procedures, thank you for your help!

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