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Topic: arp on openwrt?

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I've tried googling but couldnt nail this one ..  I need to find a way to resolve ip to mac on wrt54gs running openwrt. I couldnt find anything other than /proc/net/arp. Is there any other utility to send out an arp query and get back the mac?

ping The.IP.Adress.Number

and view arp list



Well I'm not sure if arping serves the purpose. I couldnt get it working so could see the results. I'll try ping followed by arp. I assume that adds the new entry to the arp table? Thanks for the tip.

root@RC5_testike:~# arping -I br0 
ARPING to from via br0
Unicast reply from [0:c:e5:46:6:68] 7.841ms
Unicast reply from [0:c:e5:46:6:68] 2.950ms
Unicast reply from [0:c:e5:46:6:68] 3.052ms
Unicast reply from [0:c:e5:46:6:68] 3.059ms
Sent 4 probes (1 broadcast(s))
Received 4 replies
root@RC5_testike:~# arping -I eth2  
ARPING to from via eth2
Unicast reply from [0:1:2:af:95:ec] 5.652ms
Unicast reply from [0:1:2:af:95:ec] 3.495ms
Unicast reply from [0:1:2:af:95:ec] 3.586ms
Unicast reply from [0:1:2:af:95:ec] 3.528ms
Sent 4 probes (1 broadcast(s))
Received 4 replies

Thanks..  I was trying it without the -I argument and wasn't getting back a response.

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