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Topic: GL.iNet GL-MT300N Travel Router - MT7620N 580MHZ, 16MB Flash, 64MB RAM

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GLI has recently introduced the GL-MT300N Travel Router.

The device comes preinstalled with OpenWrt 15.05 and the proprietary GLI GUI.  The GUI makes it fast and easy to connect to a new station right from the main page. 

Device home page:
Dataentry page: … -mt300n_v1
Device Page: … -mt300n_v1 => In need of much work!

This is now one of the three fastest and most robust pieces of travel hardware on the market, equivalent to the Kingston family products in horsepower, but with OpenWrt already installed.

$25 each and $6 shipping to the US

I got one of these because of the two Ethernet ports and like their GUI to get the simple stuff set up.

I now need to figure out how to get the OpenVPN client running through the command line. I've read that it cannot be done through LuCI but could be mistaken.

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The firmware for the GL-MT300N is newer than the AR-150, but I am not clear if the if the issue with packages is resolved or not.  Good question for the GLI forum.

In any case I have found it easier to use WinSCP to manage much of my config for all my routers.  It's an "FTP" like interface for your router and has a CLI tool built in.  I also use putty (at the same time). 

You need to load two packages.  From either CLI paste in the following strings.

opkg install openvpn-openssl luci-app-openvpn

Your config files are in the \etc\config\
Your openvpn keys go in \etc\openvpn\

OpenVPN will be installed, but not configured.  I usually rename the \etc\config\openvpn file to openvpn_original as this file has a lot of comments that will get wiped, and is just to hard to read.  They are good notes for reference.  Use the WinScp tools to create a new blank file called openvpn.  Select one of the sections (depends on your need => server or client, TUN or TAP) and copy it to the new blank file, then edit for your needs.

I have my open OpenWrt server and client on TAP, so my config may not be very helpful to you if you are planning on using a service.  You should be able to get a linux script form most services, and just reformat it to the OpenWrt format (option [parameter]'[value]')

Regarding WinScp.  I make a folder on my loacal machine called [Router name], and the folders under it for config, etc and use WinSCP to download the config so I have a readily accessible copy of the config.  I also keep a text file in the folder that is the "[router name] config" with notes on what i did (packages, config, mods).  Helps me reinstall or upgrade a lot faster in the future.

I finally installed openvpn and the associated config files. How do I start and stop the tunnel?

from the cli
/etc/init.d/openvpn enable
/etc/init.d/openvpn start

from Luci Services=>OpenVPN=> start

If it does not start then you are missing config

This stuff is in the wiki.

Looking to purchase this, AR150 or wait for the MT300A.
Did you guys order direct from GLiNet?  What was the shipping time?

I would wait for the MT300A, but you may want to read this post. 

If you want the GPIO then there may be some drawbacks.

The AR 150 is Atheros, the other Mediatek.

If you want to run VPN, then I think the extra memory will benefit throughput.

Also be aware that there will eventually be versions with external antennas.

RangerZ wrote:

from the cli
/etc/init.d/openvpn enable
/etc/init.d/openvpn start

from Luci Services=>OpenVPN=> start

If it does not start then you are missing config

This stuff is in the wiki.

Being new to OpenWRT, I may have not created additional interfaces or other routing/firewall configs.

The OpenVPN config files themselves have been tested on other OpenVPN clients and work.

Need to explore this some more.

RangerZ wrote:

I would wait for the MT300A, but you may want to read this post.

Thanks for the link and all! Very helpful. I think I will wait...

I just got mine today but I see there isn't much of a openwrt page for it. … -mt300n_v1

I need to put my own build on it, does anyone know if the current Image Builder supports this device?
GL-MT300N-00a and I see mention of mt7610e in the /etc/wireless directory.

Someone had mentioned compatibility to me in another post but I've yet to find it. Still looking.

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Did you get mt7610e worked on openwrt?

The only support I can find is in trunk which I cannot use.

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