our house has 3 floors
i have:
1 dsl cable modem
2 wifi routers
and 1 tp-link 1043nd with openwrt firmware

the internet and dhcp is via dal modem to 1 access point in first floor
and 1043nd is in second floor
i connected to first floor router via 1043nd client mode width instruction of this video:
and now i have internet on second floor

but the problem is here:
when i connect to 1043nd i can connect to internet but no way to connect to first floor clients!
what should i do to solve this problem

and the second question:
in third floor there is another router that does not support repeater mode and there is no openwork firmware for it
is it possible to use 2 client mode to connect 1st and 3ed floor wirelessly?
i want only 1043nd openwrt be dhcp server and off course i want to have internet and can access to clients in 1st and 3ed floor

thanks for your instructions
Best Regards