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Topic: Linksys WRT1200AC - switching between various OpenWRT images

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Dear community,

I had to fiddle around a bit after flashing my first OpenWRT image (caiman - kaloz build) when I wanted to try out another build image. According to WIKI one should always revert to stock firmware before switching between various builds.

In my case the flashing did not work i.e. the web interface showed normal and signaled no errors but the after the reboot I ended up always with my old OpenWRT firmware (and config, thanks god)

This is what it took me to succeed:

- shut down e2guardian / kill remaining processes
- shut down syncthing
- umount external usb storage

I am not entirely sure if ALL these things were necessary to succeed and also I wouln't be too sure if my success is deterministically repeatable ... just wanted to share this experience, and maybe encourage people to report theirs.

BTW is there a way to restore stock firmware via ssh on the command line?
I'd really prefer that...

thanks and bye

I had a similar issue and ended up with flashing via USB-TTL-cable (realy greate investment big_smile). Since the router is easy to open, it was a work of 5 minutes.

I flashed an OpenWRT image, but I should work with the stock too.

when you are back to linksys firmware do a reset.... then flash.... didnt have any problem after... dont know for sure if that did something...

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