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Topic: Support for Buffalo WSR-600DHP

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Since support for WSR-600DHP has been added with and an OpenWrt firmware image is available for download, I have created a dataentry for this device: … wsr-600dhp

The support status is currently set to unknown (¿), since I couldn't find any confirmation for either 15.05 or trunk to be working on this device.

If you can confirm that either one of the above is working, please post your experiences here.

I've been using the existing Buffalo W<b>Z</b>R-600DHP builds. Works exactly like my WZR-HP-AG300H.

I just bought this one without thinking straight.
I wanted to use it as a repeater, which it (kind of) advertises on its box. There is no other interface language than Japanese. :\

Sadly I have to report that trying to install either of the firmwares you linked through the interface does exactly nothing.

*EDITED to remove insults to Buffalo, since I noticed I could use it as a repeater anyways. smile

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