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Topic: Support for GO7007 chipset (Plextor ConvertX) on Asus WL-500gP

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Hi all,

I am working on the integration of support for GO7007 chipset into kamikaze for at least Asus WL-500gP (and possibly Linksys WRTSL54G). This is the chipset used for instance in the Plextor ConvertX PX-TV402U that I have.

You will find all the information I gathered so far and what has been done on my wiki webpage:

So far video works fine using Video4Linux2 API but I am running into a problem with the ALSA OSS emulation used for audio interfacing with the GO7007. I never really played with ALSA so I am learning at the same time I am debugging.

Basically I am having a "no such device" error whenever I open the device file. I checked the drivers linkage under /proc and /sys and everything seems in place. I am guessing that the built-in ALSA support in kamikaze is missing some support for interfacing this driver. For instance it only includes usb-audio board support, maybe something needs to be added there.

If you are interested please read my webpage and let me know if you need any additionnal information (and I am sure you will), I will post them to the webpage. If you have both a Plextor ConvertX and and USB2 WRT-supported router give it a try. If we ever go through we can have a cheap streaming solution that would stream/multicast DivX/MP3 (or more conventionnal MPEG4/MP2 inside a MPEG-TS mux) over your LAN.

Also I am no specialist about licensing (GO7007 driver is Open Source Software) so if anyone spots a problem somewhere please let me know.



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Hi Romain, your doing some very interesting work. I would love to use the ffrecord program ( on a openwrt device. This way one could build a very simple and cheap media center.

Now i have to dare to try it on my Asus WL500g.

Hi Romain,
I just want to let you know that i am also working on this combination of devices (Go7007 + Asus-WL500gP). For the time beeing i am just interested in pure video streams. Can you perhaps help me to get "spook" going. I managed to make it compile, posted the package files to your wiki page also. But currently i lack the V4L2 headers, the autoconfig check does not detect V4L2 so it falls back to V4L.

However, thanks so far for the hints on how to compile the modules!!

Kind regards,

V4L2 was detected after setting the path to the kernel sources and enabling the V4L2 flag. See and edit wiki for more ideas on that topic.

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