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Topic: ZBT WE1026 + Huawei me909u-521 support

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I bought in aliexpress ZBT WE1026 router with Huawei me909u-521 GSM modem. It's a same device as ZBT WE826, but with the little differences.
Unfortunately, seller not set right firmware to it.

I create my own firmware by this steps:
1) Apply this patch to the buildroot:
patch -u -p1 < openwrt-zbt-we826-support-v3.patch
Partially manually.
2)./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
3) make menuconfig
Target System (Ralink RT288x/RT3xxx)  --->                    │ │ 
  │ │        Subtarget (MT7620 based boards)  --->                │ │ 
  │ │        Target Profile (ZBT WE-826)  --->
4) make defconfig
6) make menuconfig
for add:
- for GSM modem

file systems...
e2fsprogs, etc...
- for usb storage mount

- for SD card support

ntfs-3g - for ntfs file system support


7) make

After this, you will have a functioning firmware, without LEDs support. I don't know how configure LEDs.

All of this menuconfig's are:
Rename diffconfig to .config and run make defconfig
diffconfig include a mc, picocom, polipo, sshfs, etc.

Binary image:[s] openwrt-ramips-mt7620-zbt-we826-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin[/s]

I welcome corrections my work.

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Good work.

The list
- for GSM modem

is more or less specific for your Huawei modem, as it uses qmi-interface, opposed to simple serial.
Suggestion: Change subject of your post to "ZBT WE1026 support + Huawei me909u-521",
as the latter should be of interest to other users of this specific LTE-modem, on other boards.
Easier to be searched for, then.

Thank you, Augustus! Without You - I would not do it :-)

About usb-serial. It is strange, but without serial support modem not up. And yes, it uses qmi-interface.
I guess use usb-GPS dongle, so I need usb-serial support anyway.

I am also trying to set up this router. Were you able to configure the LEDs eventually?

The firmware in trunk has support for the power, USB, and wifi LEDs, which are already configured. However, there are a total of 8 LED's, apparently under software control (since they turn on at power up, then off again). Any idea how I can control the remaining LED's?

According to this document from the vendor:

ZBT-WE1026_V03GPIO Definition

Reset Button Connected to GPIO#1;

USB LED Connected to GPIO#42;
WAN LED Connected to GPIO#44;
LAN LED Connected to GPIO#43;
WLAN LED Connected toGPIO#72;   
3/4G LED connected to 3/4G Module PCIE Connector Pin42;

There are more than just the 3 LED's connected. Do I need to create a zbt1026 dts file?

RoganDawes wrote:

Do I need to create a zbt1026 dts file? - files which needs to edit

May be blogic may create a full patch to support zbt1026 with LED?

For LEDs to work in ZBT-WE1026 you must unlock ephy pins with following:

       pinctrl {
               state_default: pinctrl0 {
                       default {
                               ralink,group = "i2c", "uartf", "wled", "spi refclk", "pa", "ephy", "wdt";
                               ralink,function = "gpio";

and set gpio-leds section up as following:

       gpio-leds {
               compatible = "gpio-leds";
               usb {
                       label = "zbt-we1026:green:usb";
                       gpios = <&gpio2 2 1>; /* Active low */
               lan {
                       label = "zbt-we1026:green:lan";
                       gpios = <&gpio2 3 1>; /* Active low */
               wan {
                       label = "zbt-we1026:green:wan";
                       gpios = <&gpio2 4 1>; /* Active low */
               wlan {
                       label = "zbt-we1026:green:wlan";
                       gpios = <&gpio3 0 1>; /* Active low */

Note, that you will miss ethernet phy lan and wan leds control in this case.

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