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Topic: How to build gdbserver for WhiteRussian?

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Is it possible to build gdbserver for WhiteRussian? There doesn't seem to be an ipkg for it, nor a binary in the OpenWrt-SDK.

In the SVN source, I see there's toolchain_build_mipsel/gdb-6.3/gdb/gdbserver/, but when building the system, I don't find a gdbserver binary built, nor a way to build it.

I also see that trunk has a gdbserver package, and it's the same version of gdb (6.3), but it's not in the WhiteRussian backports. So is there a fundamental reason why WhiteRussian can't run gdbserver?



OK, I think I found a way to make this work, thanks to a new wiki entry about native package building

1. Download

2. Mount it and extract the bits needed

bunzip2 root_fs_mipsel.ext2.bz2
mount -o loop root_fs_mipsel.ext2 /mnt
cd /mnt
tar -czf /tmp/gdbserver.tgz usr/bin/gdbserver lib/libthread_db* lib/libgcc_s*

3. Copy /tmp/gdbserver.tgz to the Openwrt box and untar it at the root directory

ssh root@x.x.x.x 'tar -C / -xvzf -' </tmp/gdbserver.tgz

4. Away you go, as per this thread

Target side:

gdbserver /usr/bin/myprog myargs

Host side:

# cd /path/to/myprog/src
# /path/to/OpenWrt-SDK-Linux-i686-1/staging_dir_mipsel/bin/mipsel-linux-uclibc-gdb ./myprog
gdb> set solib-absolute-prefix /path/to/OpenWrt-SDK-Linux-i686-1/staging_dir_mipsel
gdb> target remote x.x.x.x:1234
gdb> cont

In fact, thanks to the hint about 'solib-absolute-prefix', I've managed to get gdb to work with core dumps too:

1. On target: 'ulimit -c unlimited'

2. Run the program, let it dump core, copy the core file to the host

3. On host:

# cd /path/to/myprog/src
# /path/to/OpenWrt-SDK-Linux-i686-1/staging_dir_mipsel/bin/mipsel-linux-uclibc-gdb ./myprog
gdb> set solib-absolute-prefix /path/to/OpenWrt-SDK-Linux-i686-1/staging_dir_mipsel
gdb> target core /path/to/core.xxxx

This doesn't require any messing around with gdbserver.



How to enable  core dump on OpenWrt-Kamikaze-7.09?

I tried following steps but of no use, can you guide me on same?

$echo 2 > /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable
$echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/core_uses_pid
$echo "/etc/%e-%t-%p.core" >  /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern
$ulimit -c unlimited


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