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Topic: APN problem @ QMI / uqmi / mwan3 / LTE / E398 / usb-modeswitch ??

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I have a problem with handling my LTE USB modem (Huawei E398) with the usage of uqmi package and QMI protocol.

The connection is working fine (I can transmit and receive data), but I think uqmi is not forcing my modem to use the correct APN.
As a result of that, my LTE provider is assigning me a dynamic public IP (my provider's rules are: "if you want to have a static public IP, you have to use the APN:").

When I disconnect the modem from a router and connect it to any of my PCs - I receive a correct static public IP from the LTE network. As a result of that - I think that it is not a modem's issue or the LTE provider's issue. I suspect that it is something related to the uqmi package or my configuration...

A part of my /etc/config/network is:
config interface 'wan2'
    option ifname 'wwan0'
    option bridge 'false'
    option ipv6 '0'
    option metric '2'
    option proto 'qmi'
    option device '/dev/cdc-wdm0'
    option apn ''
    option username 'yyyyyy'
    option password 'zzzzzz'
    option mode 'lte'
    option delay '30'

My modem was not initializing automatically after reboot, so I added following lines to the /etc/rc.local (and then modem started to work):
/sbin/usbmode -l
/bin/sleep 2
/sbin/usbmode -s
/bin/sleep 2
uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --set-network-modes lte
/bin/sleep 2
uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --start-network --autoconnect
/bin/sleep 2
exit 0

Here are the informations about the key packages I use (I hope all of them are the latest ones):
OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05
uqmi     2014-12-03-86bcdb8cca..0a4
usb-modeswitch     2014-08-26-993a9a5427..37a
kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan     3.18.23-1
mwan3     1.6-2

Any ideas what can be wrong?

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