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Topic: "make menuconfig" for all kernel modules, configuration - how?

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Normally, when we run "make menuconfig" within openwrt directory, it offers only very basic kernel configuration.

Is it possible to run "make menuconfig" for all kernel modules, kernel options etc.?

To configure the current kernel:

cd $YOUR_OPENWRT_ROOT/build_$YOUR_ARCH/linux; make menuconfig

To store the current kernel configuration as default:


YOUR_ARCHITECTURE is something like i386, mips etc.
YOUR_KERNELNAME is something like brcm-2.4, x86-2.6 etc

And a side note: if you are cross-compiling (which you probable are, e.g. building executables for mips on a x86 box), then you should configure the kernel likeso:

cd $YOUR_OPENWRT_ROOT/build_$YOUR_ARCH/linux; make ARCH=$YOUR_ARCH menuconfig

This way, you will get menuconfig to display target options instead of build host options.

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