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Topic: Recent OpenWrt to WRT54GL?

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I have a WRT54GL v1.0 with 64MB RAM, how do I try to port, say, CC 15.05.1 to that device?

throw it in the bin! the CPU is so slow you will get about 3 mb up and down.

rayknight, thanks a lot!
I did not know they still do it, and, also, the "legacy"-word somewhat irritates me.
I thought if I compile it myself it would be somehow better...

The legacy tag is to differentiate the Broadcom devices based on their legacy SSB bus as opposed to the newer BCMA architecture.

rayknight, am I correct to expect an open-source wireless driver to be there?
As you can see in my signature - I stuck on WhiteRussian because there were no WiFi driver for newer kernels for quite some time...

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