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Topic: [W8970] Modem dump , easy SPI flash access (raspberry spi + flashrom)

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Hi, I managed to get a full dump from the  W25Q64.V chip inside my TP-Link W8970. I used the Raspberry Pi interface (, flashrom (,, a breadboard, a clip ( … s-G540.jpg) to avoid soldering wires directly. Now I can easily read/write the flash inside my modem.

This ( … ash_layout) is the flash layout/instructions to install OpenWrt with a serial console, since I get the full dump, can I download the sysupgrade image ( … rade.image) merge it with the dump and after that write everything in the flash?

Should I replace the contents inside the dump file (8MB) with the sysupgrade image (4MB) starting from 0x20000 (avoid uboot)?

Ty for your help big_smile

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this has been documented also year ago. … ebricking/

Yes, you can replace a part of EEPROM dump with OPENWRT area, but mutch faster is to flash router with Openwrt and then make a dump of EEPROM. To save you time, i have done it time ago and link is available in above article.

Correct size of EEPROM flash is 8388608 bits.


Ok done big_smile flashed with no problem big_smile

Hi skfree,

could you please reupload the file ? I'm trying to unbrick my w8970 because I've made your same mistake

me too, i need the file in this article!

I guess it is way easier to load u-boot via UART, extract the u-boot from the latest 8970 v1 firmware image and write it to flash.

The TP-Link firmare image file has a 512 byte header prefixed which need to be skipped. The u-boot follows after the header and has a size of 128KByte (in hex 0x20000 byte). You can extract the u-boot using the linux dd command for example:

dd if="./TD-W8970v1_0.6.0_2.12_up_boot(140613)_2014-06-13_09.17.23.bin" bs=512 skip=1 count=256 of=./TD-W8970v1_0.6.0_2.12_up_boot.bin 

Start u-boot via UART as described in the TD-W8970 wiki article.

Make the TD-W8970v1_0.6.0_2.12_up_boot.bin file available via your local tftp server and run the following commands from the UART loaded uboot prompt:

setenv serverip
tftpboot 0x81000000 TD-W8970v1_0.6.0_2.12_up_boot.bin
sf erase 0x0 0x20000 
sf write 0x81000000 0x0 0x20000

The u-boot should be fixed on next power cycle.

Thank you, but i'm in the situatione described in "corrupted UBoot" of the page. Then I need the backup file of the eeprom to write it with Raspberry...

Yeah I got that your u-boot on flash is corrupted.

All lantiq SoCs provide a way to bring the CPU into a mode that it loads the bootloader via serial console instead of trying to read the (broken) u-boot from flash.

That is what I'm talking about and what is known as UART boot. Means, no desoldering of the SPI flash chip, no buspirate/flashrom+Rpi or whatever tool/hardware is required to write the SPI flash chip directly. Only a serial console is required.

Check the link I've provided for details.

File reuploaded

can you please reupload the full dump i need it to recover my modem. Thank you.

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