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Topic: openswan traversal NAT device problem,help me.TH

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I have a problem.

router1:ipsec server,we already configure nat_traversal option.
router2: NAT device
the PC use ipsec software(the greenbow vpn) connect the router1 ipsec server.
now,connected successed,but PC ping not ok.
openswan support the Network topology?
config file:
config ipsec_config setup
option nat_traversal "yes"
option oe "off"
option protostack "netkey"
option force_keepalive "yes"
option keep_alive "60"
config ipsec_conn laptop
option authby "secret"
option type "tunnel"
option pfs "yes"
option rekey "yes"
option ikelifetime "24h"
option salifetime "24h"
option overlapip "yes"
option forceencaps "yes"
option left "%defaultroute"
option leftsubnet ""
option leftnexthop "%defaultroute"
option leftid ""
option right "%any"
option rightid ""
option aggrmode "yes"
option ike "aes128-md5;modp1536"
option phase2 "esp"
option phase2alg "3des-sha1;modp1536"
option auto "start"
config ipsec_secret_ss
option secret "123456"

I have solved the problem

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