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Topic: Compilation OpenWrt on Tp-link tl-wr841n

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Hello guys!
I need compile OpenWrt on Tp-Link tl-wr841n v9.
I have 4MB flash and in packages i need php5, php5-cgi and ipset.  In compile i have error. How can I reduce the size of the firmware? Help me, please
how i need delete all packages from IPv6?
And second problem: in /bin directory not created sysupgrade and factory binary files! Why?

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I have an idea. Previously I had a crack at using nfsroot which is very tricky to get going.

What I am doing now is compiling a custom version and only putting the basics into the rom to fit in 4MB which isn't much.

To make the most of the memory I will be making a patch to use busybox extra applets for zram swap and zram for /tmp

Also in busybox is the mount tool, and ndb client. You can have an ext2 filesystem shared from a server (loopback image shared by nbdd and mounted on the router added via overlayfs. So you can have the kitchen sick of apps to run when you need them. Storage wont be a problem anymore. Good for tcpdump, nmap and stuff like that you can run over ssh.

As your router will be dependent on some kind of file-server, why can't you just redirect web traffic to a machine behind the DMZ using firewall / iptables?

Why use a 400MHZ mips processor to run your website when you can use a PC or a PI or something with more grunt  and ram! Dietlibc on decent MIPS hardware can do alot though. Just ask the folks at

Without cross posting have you seen I have nearly the same hardware? BTW next time put your post in General discussion. This section of the forum is for sharing HOWTO knowledge.

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