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Topic: Is there a way to have the WiFi still come up if the client is not...

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I am looking for a way to have the router connect in Client mode to another AP and rebroadcast its own AP on the same radio. This only works if the Client AP is in range, otherwise the WiFi goes down.

For my purposes, I need to have that client mode connection, but I would also like to take the router with me on trips. When I do so, the WiFi goes down and I can't use it. Is there some way to disable it temporarily, but automatically?

Some ideas I had but don't know how to set up:

If it can't detect the client AP, it stops looking (turns that network off, perhaps by type?) and brings up the other APs anyway (preferably automatically without needing to list the SSIDs) [Preferred option]

Pressing a button to disable all client mode networks

Pressing a button to switch client networks, although if none are in range it would still need to enable the other APs.

I'd really like it if the script does not interfere with LuCi's connection manager.

I had seen one solution, but I don't want to use it since it keeps two config files that must be kept synced except for the culprit network, nevermind that I have trouble understanding the files in the first place!

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