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Topic: Linksys WRT54GL as a wifi range extender(all-wireless, same network)

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I have Linksys WRT1200AC (with OpenWrt on it) serving as the main router, and I wanted to use another Linksys router (WRT54GL, with BusyBox v1.15.3, openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs build) to extend the main router's WiFi to another part of house out of the main router's range (in the 2nd floor).

So, WRT54GL is placed in spot where there is still some coverage from the main router, and idea was that the wifi clients would connect to it, wirelessly.

The DHCP and firewall is managed by the main router, and I'd like all the clients to be in the same subnet.

I thought this recipe would be exactly what I was looking for, but, at least for me, it works only when I use wired connection to the WRT54GL.

I am not sure if WRT54GL is capable of doing what I want - to use wireless connection to both main router and serve as dumb access point, but if it is capable, I'd be happy to learn, how.

Hi passiday, i'm not sure but i think you can use WDS to achieve what you want since both routers are running OpenWrt, i haven't actually tried it yet, so i don't know for sure if it will work for you, but here are some detailed instructions -

I do know that a psuedobridge with relayd will achieve what you want because that's what i'm currently using, here are the instructions -

Thanks, I'll check the WDS approach.

The relayd, however, did not work for me because of very simple reason - there was no relayd opkg package for my build ( … ackages.gz). I am not sure whether that means one is not supposed to mess with relayd on this router model, or maybe I can change the repo to something else.

You do have the problem that your wrt-54gl, with just 16 MB RAM, simply isn't supported anymore (not enough RAM) - which is both a security issue and limiting your options, package sets and interoperability.

Well, I'd like to squeeze from it whatever it is capable of.

Talking about WDS, there's no problem of setting up the powerful main router (WRT1200AC) as "Access Point (WDS)". However, the older router (WRT54GL) has a different list of modes, and there's no "Client (WDS)". There's only plain "WDS" option in the list. Before I go ahead and change the mode from "Client" to "WDS", perhaps I can get some comment, whether it will act as "Client  (WDS)" or rather "Access Point (WDS)"?

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There is a version of relayd for Backfire. … /packages/  It's just not called exactly "relayd".  Try opkg update relayd* and opkg install relayd*

4\16 is a challenge today.  The wiki seems to indicate that Backfire is the correct release for this, but If you go to the release page and look at even 15.05.1 you will find under brcm47=>legacy a number of files for these devices that look like they will fit 4mb.    What you can load after is another issue, but AA and BB look smaller and you can probably load relayd … xx/legacy/

I'm not smart enough to say you can use these or exactly which one, but I think that the 4mb flash was supported through BB.  There should be a lot of posts on this device as it was probably the single most popular box in its day.  I think you should spend some time checking that you can or can not use a newer release.

DO SOME HOMEWORK. Search the forum … fi_drivers

WIKI unfortunately has lost most of it's revision history

Wikidev shows that the "L" is equivalent to some of the older G and GS versions (indeed, the only real difference was that the "L" was intended for a Linux dist for the die hards)

Better yet, buy one of these:  They have 2-3 times the CPU and 4 times the brains.

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