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Topic: The best router 3G/4G with openwrt

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Hi everybody,
Who can recomment which is router type support 3/4G the best ( Ram ==> Flash space ==> CPU) ?
I tried with tplink mr3420 and mr 3040. But their flash space is very small sad

Check out the Gl.inet products here:
There are a variety of configurations and a brand new battery powered device with built in 3\4G card.
They come pre-loaded with OpenWrt.  Search the forum for users running dongles on the regular boxes.

If you are OK using a dongle any router with USB port will do. So pick your favourite one with as much memory/flash space you want. If you want one with built in 3G/4G modem it's a very limited choice.

As others said, a decent device with RAM/Flash and USB port.  I would also consider trying to use an Android phone via USB tether - as the 3G/4G radios in the Android phones are often better - more up to date - and inexpensive if you get a small phone without much in the way of screen size.

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