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Topic: How to read the Shared memory for the wireless in openwrt

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Hello everyone,

currently, I am working on OpenWrt and doing a modification on the open source firmware(openfwwf)
for the b43 on brcm47xx platform linksyswrt54gl.
My question:
How to read the shared memory using c code
or if it possible to save the data I want to access in a different way I have seen an implementation to access the General Purpose Register by using a commandline.But I couldnt figure out how that work is done.
I am sure that I will find the solution here.
thank you in advance

Still not able to solve the problem:
but what I can tell you that reading a share memory need to have a permission to the debugfs which suppose to be install with b43 driver.Unfortinatly,  the folder is not include or remove from the system during the build to save the memory.
I asked the question here … -brcm-47xx
I think there are more information will be helpful.

I am really stack in my master thesis at this point if we can work in this issue together. it will be great

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