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Topic: OpenWrt Summit 2016

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To help encourage the growth and strength of OpenWrt, LEDE and the broader ecosystem, the OpenWrt Summit Committee is organizing the second OpenWrt Summit. Co-located with ELCE and OpenIoT in Berlin, Germany on October 13, the OpenWrt Summit is the only annual event focusing exclusively on OpenWrt. Free for all to attend, OpenWrt Summit does not require an ELCE/OpenIoT ticket.

Anyone interested in OpenWrt, LEDE or other related projects is invited and welcome.

As a community centered conference, we invite users, developers, employees of companies who use OpenWrt and anyone interested in OpenWrt or LEDE to submit a speaking/session proposal for the OpenWrt Summit.

Suggested topics include:

* Introductory topics (What is OpenWrt/LEDE? How to build? How to install? How to build packages?)
* Hardware (Adding support for hardware you created or bought, contributing back to the core)
* OpenWrt/LEDE derivatives (Best practices, staying close to core)
* Unique and complex usage scenarios
* Security (Containers, jails, etc)
* Culture (Encouraging new contributors, documentation, advocacy)
* Internet of Things/Internet of Everything
* Future of OpenWrt, LEDE and related projects

We also welcome any other session topic related to OpenWrt and LEDE. Again, we encourage everyone interested to submit a session proposal for the OpenWrt Summit. Proposals should be submitted by August 19. Financial assistance will be available for speakers who require it.

To learn more and to submit your proposal, please visit: . Also, if you're interested in learning more about the conference, including lodging information, please visit this URL as well.

Any change of a webcast of the sessions, or else transcripts?

mtrudel wrote:

Any change of a webcast of the sessions, or else transcripts?

same idea !

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Nice post, i want more details too about the summit.


No update yet, last release was in 2017.

Hi, very useful post. It helped a lot.

Is the summit going to be organized in 2017 also? Just a few months left..

I was at this summit in 2017 and it was so interesting. Ans speakers was so professional. If you want to read about it, just check  this

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I was at this summit (due to being czech, this summit I could not miss) and it was great. Our full team was there also

oh what summit? what the theme?

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