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Topic: [solved] Desactivated access to my WRT1200AC

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I have just made a fresh installation of OpenWRT on my new WRT1200AC. However I have by mistake bricked my router : I think I had deleted the WAN and LAN interfaces. So I can't get access to my router, even if the system should still work.
Is there a way to retrieve control on my router ?

I have read the page about generic.failsafe
I don't have a serial console, and pushing the button (the rest or the second with arrows) during the led flashing didn't do anything and I didn't see any broadcast packet.

I am well familiarized with Linux (my OS), but I am quite new to networking.

Thank you

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Thank you very much. I did the instruction, the LED pattern changed and I can now connect to the Lynksys firmware.
But now how can I exit from alternate firmware partition ? Have I only to reinstall openwrt from the OEM and reboot ?

now you are on the second partition, the firmware with blocked access is on the other partition. take openwrt or lynksis original and flash from the partition/firmware you are now..

It's basically a round-robin, when you flash an image it goes to the partition that you are not currently running. If something goes wrong you can go back to the last working image. With owrt/lede, if you want to keep an image on a parition while trying other images in the second/other partition:

#hacked from /lib/upgrade/

cur_boot_part=`/usr/sbin/fw_printenv -n boot_part`
if [ "$cur_boot_part" = "1" ]
    fw_setenv boot_part 2
    fw_setenv bootcmd "run altnandboot"
elif [ "$cur_boot_part" = "2" ]
    fw_setenv boot_part 1
    fw_setenv bootcmd "run nandboot"
# re-enable recovery so we get back if the new firmware is broken
fw_setenv auto_recovery yes
echo "$target_firmware"

Thanks a lot, all work

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