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Topic: Router with 4G and Ethernet-Support

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I'm looking for a router with the following requirements:
1. support Wireless LAN and Ethernet
2. integrated 4G-Modem thats run with OpenWrt or 4G Stick
3. has enough store space for 4G, OpenVPN (8MB)
4. not so big :-) TP-Link 3020 is very good but only 4MB. Is there a "TP-Link 3020 alternative" with 8MB?

I found this router:
D-Link DWR-512

But I don't find any info about config 4G.

Many Thanks!

Try GL MiFi device. It has the features you want.
(I can't post a url; google it)

Thanks! I have order one device and will test it!

Hello nicki,

Any feedback about the device ? Does it work with OpenWRT ? I wasn't able to find it in the supported list...
Does the 4G modem work with your mobile operator ?
I am also looking forward about ordering this device.

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Is the raspberry pi 3 openwrt was installed?
that's the download link ...
E3372 dongle was on the board of raspberry pi 3 used?

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