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Topic: Buildroot and 2.6 branch for motorola

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I have started playing with the buildroot and it seems quite a nice thing.
It is so nice that I just can't believe it. I have a wrt850g motorola router - and in the config I can select the Kamikaze branch. Everything went smooth with building. I must say it is "fast" (comparable to i.e. gentoo building of familiar linux building) and  doesn't require a lot of space.
Just tell me - is it safe to flash my router with the kamikaze image . Of course I don't ask what is going to happen if I made a wrong config but generally - is 2.6 branch stable enough ? It probably is for the linksys devices but I haven't heard of anybody trying it with motorola....


I also played around with kamikaze on a wr850G v1, but with 2.4 kernel.
Things I noticed:
- no webif (not ported yet)
- nvram vars were not read(-> router ip = despite any entry in nvram)
If you try to get something stable I wouldn´t go for the development branch:-)


OpenWrt no longer uses nvram; if you want to change your ip, change it in /etc/config/network.

Buildroot-ng should be quite stable, it just isn't documented yet and is missing several key features.

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