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Topic: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

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To celebrate the launch of the WRT3200ACM, Linksys is offering 54 units to the OpenWrt Developer Community in thanks for the support of the WRT line. In order to be considered, please post a few lines about yourself, and the OpenWrt project you’d like to start using the WRT3200ACM. On December 1st Linksys will make the selection of the 54 developers, and will get units out in time for the Holidays.


i would like to get a unit so that i finally have an mvebu unit on my desk for testing and so on ...


Hello i don't really code but i always liked your Routers and would not mind a newer one
I can help with betatesting firmwire and translate if you need anything translated too Swedish and some other stuff i can help with



I am passionate about open source software and Linux, being a community member of several open source projects. I am also a networking passionate/hobbyist for more than 10 years, spending a lot of time around computers and internet cafes when the internet was a rare and expensive thing in my city.

My story with the Linksys WRT series has begun in 2006 when I bought my real first router (WRT54GL). Before that, I was using an old Pentium 133 Mhz PC as a router. After several years of searching for some nice hardware to install OpenWRT, Linksys announced the new WRT line at CES. I was very happy.

I bought my first AC1900 V1 in summer 2015, and with the help of the community, especially from nitroshift, I obtained invaluable help to flash CC on it. Since then, I've learned a lot about OpenWRT, how to customize it. I've become also an IRC channel regular.

Since then, my mother's router is running OpenWRT too, and I have started building custom images for my router, but also playing and compiling images on x86 arch which can be easily tested in a VM, since I am mostly interested in contributing to LuCI. I have also reported several bugs.

I am very excited about the announcement of WRT3200ACM and I would be eager to play with it by helping test and stabilize the  wireless driver on different builds and by improving LuCI.

Sorin B.

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Freelancer, software and hardware developer, mainly focused on network devices, trying to actively support OpenWrt/LEDE and the community.

It would be nice to take a look at Marvell based solution. For now only QC/A and MediaTek based devices are on my interests list.

Ive been devloping wireless mesh networks and security based builds per requirements of various encounters while travelling the world, I would like to continue to develop a mesh capable travel router with software that enables me to get connected securely with the variety of VPN and security applications not available in standard routing softwares. Currently I use a variety of VPN softwares outside of the normal OpenVPN features found on most routers, and a secured centralized infrastructure. I also use features such as mesh, sqm/qos and deep packet inspection and a variety of dns utlities on my current travel router.

Since I'm a man of facts rather than talks, I will let the community speak about my involvement and achievements in the WRT series.



Should you consider my post not needed, please feel free to delete it. Thanks.

Would be very grateful to test OpenWRT/LEDE/DD-WRT on the 3200ACM. I have been with the WRT series since the launch of the WRT1900ACv1, and now own the V1, V2, ACSV1. I have helped some in the troubleshooting (define bugs) in the stock Linksys firmware (and am currently working with Linksys support on a bug identification on IPV6).

I have written some ad-blocking software for DD-WRT (New revision to be released soon with functioning ipv6): …

As well, I am the author of a cross flashing guide to mediate the 32k nvram bug on the Linksys ea6900 (surely this has helped sell a few units (until you blocked third party or downgrading via firmware :-) ), while also promoting open source): … wrt.71718/

And now wanting to start work on LEDE (and OpenWRT). Just striving for a solid, open, and stable platform.

Would also have to assume 54 units because of what started it all, the WRT54G? :-) Cute...

Reason for EDIT: Added adblocker link, and ea6900 reference threads.

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I would be very interested in testing/developing on one of these units. What a great opportunity from Linksys. As a long time OpenWRT/LEDE contributor and developer with interests in many types of embedded systems, rock-solid routers for SoHo, home automation and media servers this device looks like something I'd start using (and developing on) right-away.

54 units? -- I get it!

me too.
Long term presence here, having built a community build for WNDR3700/3800 for some 5 years.
Third most active poster on the forum, dozens of patches submitted via the developer mailing list.

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I'm developing cfengine3-style configuration management for OpenWRT/LEDE supported devices.

My only test platform is a MIPS device. A beefier platform and a different arch. would be sweet.

I would be interested to get this unit as I want to develop / test my home automation solution on it.  My product can be found on github:

I will use the router to detect presence and to run various automation tasks without the need for an additional equipment in the house.

I started to use OpenWrt many years ago, but then my isp forced another router on me. Finally, I decided to being sick of a router a can't control, I picked up a WRT1900ACS to manage all my local network and connect to the isp router on the wan port. Works like a charm. In the future, I will continue to test the lasted LEDE on it, so a even newer Linksys model would be awesome.

Bonus for Linksys if I get picked: My kids would draw you a fairy riding on a unicorn pursuing a linksys router!

I run a very small free network for my neighbors, this would be a big upgrade for us as currently I don't have anything for 5Ghz. It's just a hobby for me though, so get them to the devs before considering me.

I would like to be considered to be chosen for this.

I try to stay active in the community and give feedback where I can. Originally I owned the v1, but have since upgraded to the ACS, and would have no issues testing the ACM.

However, I currently do not have any wifi tri-band devices to test with... so I don't know if that's a requirement or not.

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I would be interested in testing OpenVPN on a new "small and non intel" platform, so if there is a unit left, I'd love to have one.

From an OpenWRT perspective, I'm just a heavy user - mainly running OpenVPN based VPNs on various WRTs, starting with real WRT54GLs... - but at the same time I'm one of the current OpenVPN maintainers.  So I'm qualified to ensure that OpenVPN works well on these :-)

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Can we nominate folks?  Here is my list:

@davidc502 -- actively maintains a popular community build
@nitroshift -- has actively supported the community and forward-looking features
@sera -- developing swrt, forward-looking patches, etc
@hnyman -- long-term and broad support, bring that to the WRT family

I'm assuming @Kaloz will already have one.  Sorry if you were left off my list, if you comment here and I notice I left someone off I'll edit.  smile

And hey, why not throw my hat in the ring.  I debugged the implementation of the hw crypto engine into the armada-385 platform with some kernel updates and patches as a result.  Any new features that are available or not implemented I try to get running and share the results.

Like other - long time OpenWrt/LEDE/Gargoyle developer. I have a popular site and support forum in Poland, builds its own editions OpenWrt and Gargoyle. Mostly I have Atheros and MediaTek, It would be so nice to have a Linksys for a change.

Hi, I would like to be considered for one of these devices.

I have been an OpenWRT developer for many years porting to various platforms and have been using WRT54G's for ages!

Hi I test Openwrt, Lede and gargoyle to help find bugs. I help to test for a11y bugs as i run a screen reader and making sure the web interface works for blind people miens a lot to me. If i do make the winning list then put me at no 54 as there is people who need one of these routers more than me. Can I put dave tot on the list pleas.

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I'm maintainer for knxd / linknx / libesmtp packages to turn access points into smart home servers for EIB/CONNECT systems

I do not know if I can hope for a miracle, but I do not use directly OpenWRT I am a follower McDebian. From community OpenWRT using patches and solutions to build your kernel and use Debian.
My first router was a Linksys WRT350N (v2.1), on which I have installed OpenWRT and Debian, and he now works.
Thank Linksys and active participants OpenWRT for the development of new systems.
I would be happy to use the WRT3200ACM to development McDebian and OpenWRT, but must get them the most worthy.)))

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Active Gargoyle (Openwrt spinoff) developer in Australia. Have been patiently awaiting the release of this device in my region so that I can complete writing in Gargoyles frontend support for this device.
Gargoyle is important in my country because we are plagued with terrible speeds and low data limits. Bringing open source monitoring and management to the masses and allowing them to use high quality, powerful hardware is something I enjoy.

Fantastic giveaway from Linksys and really shows the support of the open source community.

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I've been active in the OpenWRT Community on and off for the last couple of years, mainly reporting bugs and help other people in setting up openwrt and iptables firewalls firmly and secure.

I'd love to see this device around to test out its capabilities and also bring up speed in the luci firewall app to be compatible with the new firewall nftables.

I'd also like to provide more troughput for my neighbors on the freifunk node.

Thank you Linksys for this great giveaway and keep routers open for alternative firmwares!

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Put Lantis above me to he's  dun grate work on gargoyle.