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Topic: wrt1200ac revert to older firmware after reboot

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I installed a custom rom (openwrt one from wiki ,I forgot the name) and then after a while I installed one I have created myself from openwrt source.
but today when I rebooted my router (I have done this before with no problem) I saw that some setting where weird and the root /folder and its file are reverted back. even more weird is that for example my custom file that I put in /www folder was gone and in it place one the older file that I put there before with it old name.

it seems that all the root folder got reverted back. even the configs(the opkg repos and my own configs)

I have installed many after my new rom but the last one gave and error about readonly something.
I didnt read it but it think somehow I have gotten my older ROM.

does wrt1200 has too root?is this the emergency partition that can be used to revert to original firmware>?
I have seen on my router after installing openwrt that my router got reverted back to linksys frimware. but that didnt happen anymore and why did it reverted back to my older ROM and not linksys? maybe the older ROM replaced the linksys one?

sorry if this is long, but I am very confused.

how do I stop this from happening. and how can I actually cause it if I want to revert back later(as an emergency backup?)

maybe I should go ext-root? anybody has ext-root on this?

If you need to revert back to the other partition, do the following.

SSH & Determine which partition you are on

fw_printenv boot_part

root@lede:~# fw_printenv boot_part

To boot to partition 2 run this command.

fw_setenv boot_part 2

Just do the opposite if you're on 2 and need to go to 1.

wow that was fast.
so which one is the default?
and if I use the sysupgrade method for updating openwrt it will be written to the one that that is booted from? or the default one?

and how did mine got switched to the other one ?

btw, do you have any experience with ext-root in this device?

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