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Topic: Not enough space in root file system ?

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I have installed openwrt on Virtualbox and allocated 2GB space for it. When i'm installing any package or lib. It's giving error like not enough space on the device. I also did df -h where it is showing 33MB to root file system as below.

File System               Size                Used                Available   Use%    Mounted On
rootfs                         47.3MB           19.9MB           34.0MB       24%      /
/dev/root                    47.3MB           19.9MB           34.0MB       24%      /
tempfs                       441.5MB          364.0MB        441.1MB       0%      /
tempfs                       512.0K                 0MB              512.0K       0%      /dev

How can the entire partition of the openwrt be used. Let me know,


make menuconfig

Target Images  ---> Root filesystem partition size

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