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Topic: OpenWRT on the Sitecom Wireless Router N300 X2 (WLR-2100 V2)

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This project has moved to LEDE
It seems the LEDE project is more active, so this project is moved to LEDE. You can find more information for this device at the LEDE forum.

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Version 0.4
Stable release
Based on LEDE Reboot 17.01.0

Version 0.3
Fixed random MAC address issue.
Users will need to write MAC address to ART partition.
Improved machine profile.

Version 0.2
Changed from OpenWRT to LEDE.
Based on LEDE trunk (reboot-2445-gee5a6c1).
Flashable release.

Version 0.1
First experimental build for OpenWRT on WLR-2100 V2.
Based on OpenWRT trunk (9d64efa1a23f31847f4a9bef9f3474a9cf3fadb3).
The white OPS led serves as status led.
OPS button needs configuration, does not work out of the box.
Not intended for flashing.

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