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Topic: Telegram integration with OpenWRT

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Hi Everyone !

I Build a set of scripts in bash, to use a telegram bot to manage or get informations from a OpenWRT Router.

Here is the github with a nice help to explain how to use it:

Comments, forks, new plugins are welcome !


I don't use any telegram services. But, this ought to be an interesting project. Thank you for sharing.

Tks ! Im use Telegram because Whatsapp dont have official bots or API.

Maybe i can try to use Slack too

If I may ask, what hardware interface is needed to connect to a telegram network?

Can you tell us the hardware needed to connect the router to the telegram network?
Do you use a usb dongle 3g?
Do you have also a little documentation to use it?

Thank you

Currently, the telegram command line client (tg) is not supported on most OpenWRT routers. This happens because of the project was written assuming Little Endian architecture.

I'm trying to port the project to MIPS (Big Endian): github.c0m/vk496/tgl/tree/endian


give a look at , it works very very fine to me here......

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