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Topic: Mikrotik SXT Lite2 Support

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Hello all, long time reader, first time poster tongue

I am trying to get OpenWRT running on the Mikrotik SXT Lite2.

I have tried booting various precompiled ramdisk images, with no luck. I disassembled it, and have soldered wires to the UART terminals.

Viewing the serial port while booting openwrt ramdisk, I notice that the board is identified as 911, instead of 82. Unable to find out why this occurs, I edited the source code of mips_machine.c and forced identification as sxt2n (82).

During boot, I can see that the forced identification works correctly, and the system boots. I am unable to access the device over ethernet, device does not respond on, and wireshark shows no activity from the devices MAC address (and wifi is also inactive).

Has anyone had any success? Can someone point me in the right direction?


Just an update, in case anyone else is interested:

My Mikrotik SXT Lite2 is the r3 version, so I assume it gives out a different identification.

I managed to compile a kernel that loads an ash shell which I am able to use over UART. Neither Ethernet or WLAN function (via ifconfig).

Still reading up on the driver structure.

If anyone has any info (or tips) they would be greatly appreciated.

I am not quitting till this thing boots openWRT successfuly.

Did you also  ask on LEDE-dev forum ? Looks like some activity regarding mikrotik devices right now over there.

Hey @augustus_meyer!

Looked on the forum. No dice for this router.

I have decided to go the long way around; I found a datasheet for the AR94xx that my router uses and will write drivers and modules for it. This may take a while. But, after taking so much from the (open-source) community in general, I think I should work and give something back.

If anyone is interested (Especially if they have the r2 board, but also the r3) watch this space and I will notify when I have something ready for testing.


Hi all,

Can anyone confirm, once you have a shell to openwrt that ifconfig (or ip links) shows the ethernet/wifi adaptors? Does OpenWrt use some other method of controlling the network devices besides linux network-type drivers?

I have flashed several SXT Lite5 with OpenWrt.

You need to set up a DHCP and TFTP server. Pressing the reset button while powering on will trigger etherboot, it will DHCP and then fetch the file name sent by the DHCP server from TFTP.

I'm using: openwrt-15.05.1-ar71xx-mikrotik-vmlinux-lzma.elf

Once booted you can use wget2nand to install OpenWrt to flash.

These instructions are for the SXT Lite5, but I think they should also work on the Lite2: … sxt-lite-5

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