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Topic: Package names containing illegal characters

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I just checked out trunk and tried compiling it, but I'm stuck with the following error message:

PATH="/home/mkortela/B/wrt54g3g/trunk/openwrt/staging_dir_mipsel/usr/bin:/home/mkortela/B/wrt54g3g/trunk/openwrt/staging_dir_mipsel/bin:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin" ipkg-build -c -o root -g root /home/mkortela/B/wrt54g3g/trunk/openwrt/build_mipsel/linux-2.6-brcm/linux-modules/ipkg/ipv6 /home/mkortela/B/wrt54g3g/trunk/openwrt/bin/packages
*** Error: Package name  contains illegal characters, (other than [a-z0-9.+-])

In fact, it seems that every package that contains a 'v' or a 'w' character will spill an error. Strange?! I can get further by changing the package name in the control file, but there must be a better way to do it?

What do you think could be wrong? I'm doing the compilation on a Ubuntu x86 machine.

Can you indicate which package are you attempting to build ? Thanks a lot in advance.

I just ran "make menuconfig" and after that "make". The compilation stopped at kmod-ipv6. I can only get through by editing the control file of the ipkg. I renamed it "kmod-ip6" and no error, then. The next package it stopped at was kmod-fs-vfat, which was corrected by renaming it to kmod-fs-fat. And so on. If the package name contains either a 'v' or a 'w', ipkg-build will throw an error. I also tried checking out whiterussian, but it has the same problem. It's the same if I run the compilation as myself or as root. I had no ipkg-build installed before so it can't be that, either.

I just can't understand where this comes from...

I had the chance to test the compilation on another machine. It was a gentoo server. I used exactly the same procedures as with the Ubuntu, but the compilation was successful without any errors.

That's great, but I would still like to know what could possibly be the source of the problem on the Ubuntu machine. Does ipkg-build use some library for doing the regexp on the package name?

kortzi wrote:

Does ipkg-build use some library for doing the regexp on the package name?

ipkg-build just uses grep to check if the package name contains illegal characters.
What does the command below returns on your system ?

echo kmod-ipv6 | grep '[^a-z0-9.+-]'

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