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Topic: Meraki MR26

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Hey all,  I saw an openwrt page about opening up a Meraki MR26, but nothing about flashing it with openwrt.  I have a few MR26's, would be willing to part with one if you can help me get them flashed :-)

Also have a few MR34's, same scenario as above... :-)

Hello, did you have any luck with this? I've got a few MR26's but I can't see any firmware that would work with them. I've got the serial cable linked to my machine so I can get as far as the busybox console but thats it. Could anyone help at all?

I have an unloved MR26, and at the risk of reviving this thread I'd like to comment that it's a broadcom device, and so I doubt it will be supported any time soon due to the lessons that bcom learned with the WRT54G. I have the MR16 flashed in 5 minutes, but see almost no information on the MR26. I also have an MS220 which would be an amazing switch if it were hackable. I suppose they are paper weights for the time being.

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