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Topic: Help me find qca9533-bl3a datasheet (tl-wr841n v11).

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Help me find qca9533-bl3a datasheet (tl-wr841n v11). I want to look whether usb chip supports.
On wikidevi .com/wiki/Qualcomm_Atheros it is written that qca9531 is identical to qca9533 is so it?
Someone already soldered usb in tl-wr841n v11?

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pepe2k wrote:

QCA9533 doesn't have USB included.

Hi pepe,

Thanks for sharing the datasheets as I was trying to find one for AR9331. Also, I've emailed you from your website 3 weeks ago seeking help on this post … 50#p347850

But I haven't received any reply and not sure whether you recieved my email.

Could you please check and get back to me whenever possible.

Thanks again.

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