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Topic: How to read tp-link factory wireless pin from flash

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Hi! Someone know hot to read tp-link factory wireless pin from flash?
Since I know that the mac address is readable from flash. There some hints online that says that this data resides on art partition.

I want to know how to read the wireless pin (the same on label in the router).

I want to make a OpenWRT image with same SSID and password as stock firmware uses:

The SSID thing is already resolved with this, but I need to know hot to retrieve the password.

cat <<'__EOF__' > ./files/etc/uci-defaults/
[ "$(uci -q get system.@system[0].zonename)" = "America/New York" ] && exit 0
uci batch <<EOC
    set system.@system[0].zonename='America/Argentina/Buenos Aires'
    set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ssid="TP-LINK_$(ifconfig eth0 | awk '/HWaddr/ { printf $5 }' | tr -d : | tail -c 6)"

that print the last 6 digits of mac address.


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