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Topic: DHCP range documentation start offset/limit error?

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The documentation at:

100 is the offset from the network address, in the default configuration this would mean start leasing addresses from

So, the default router ip is so 100 offset would make and I also see in my dhcp server status that the IP 100 is never assigned.

The same goes for the limit option, the 150 would end in if it starts at .101.

Is this an error in the documentation?


The router does not follow the rules with assigning IP addresses because it is the one doing it... The router is taking the ip still.

The IP's it assigns to clients start at 100. It is more of a range than an offset. No the manual is not wrong, just worded weird. It is not really an offset. Just the starting range for IP assignments.

Basically, you can't just add 100 to the IP...

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