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Topic: TPLink archer C59 support

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I'd like to know why this router isn't supported for openwrt yet as it has almost identical hardware as the archer C7 and looks one of the best low budget routers in market today...

Any plans to release a version for it? I have one and I'm very anxious to use openwrt in it. Thanks

Hi, how to flash lede-firmware from original? I get an error from web-gui.

which error? maybe you can flash from tftp

hi, I have try Archer C59
Hardware Version: 1.0
Stock Firmware Version: 1.0.0 Build 20160512 rel.59991
LEDE Snapshot: r4433-680a5c5 (20.06.2017)

There was no problem to flash it via GUI from this HW/stock TP-Link firmware version.
But as described in … 4b827fed0f

Currently not working:
- Port LAN1 on C59
- WiFi 5GHz (missing ath10k firmware for QCA9886 chip)

In my case also not work WAN port, so I have put WAN on LAN port 4 to test these device.
I try a other device to confirm that WAN (eth0) is dead.

I have also try to put firmware found at Without success, firmware crashed. But I not sure how test it correctly.

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