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Topic: SixXS 6in4 tunnels will stop operating on 2017-06-06

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For SixXS 6in4 tunnel users: you will need to look for alternatives as SixXS will stop operations in June 2017.

SixXS is one of the oldest 6in4 IPv6 tunnel providers and has operated since 1999. I used it myself in 2009-2015 before getting native IPv6.

Sunsetting SixXS

SixXS will be sunset in H1 2017. All services will be turned down on 2017-06-06, after which the SixXS project will be retired. Users will no longer be able to use their IPv6 tunnels or subnets after this date, and are required to obtain IPv6 connectivity elsewhere, primarily with their Internet service provider.

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Sixxs standard 6in4 tunnels should be possible to replace with tunnels from Hurricane Electric I guess. But it will be harder to replace Aiccu tunnels which work through NAT.

Just a reminder:
SixXS stops operating in less than one month.

If you are still using a 6in4 tunnel from SixXS, start looking for an alternative (like

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