For some reason (most likely good marketing) I end up with 3 tp-link tl-wr1043 routers. All work fine but with v1 on 32MB or ram and v2 on 64 I started running out of ram with multiple vpn endpoints running.  Needed a new router and going with inertia I got tp-link ac1200 on amazon - v1 was on supported list but I got v2 with broadcom cpu. This had to go back and started a fresh research. The key parameter is the size of ram and flash and of course supported cpu. I realized that actually linksys started this whole openwrt linux idea and I looked at amazon and the 'ideal openwrt list' and found 2 or 3 linksys routers with 512MB ram, 128MB flash for around $50.  I guess this is a super deal - wrt1200ac/512MB-ram/128MB-flash/2x1.3GHz-cpu/$49.99.