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Topic: soho router to use with openwrt for a small ISP

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I'm in the process of starting a small ISP and I see the benefit in using a managed router for our customers.  It would allow us a lot of flexibility to help customers when they call in for issues. 

I've dabbled a bit with openwrt, but I'm far from an expert... so I'm looking to see if openwrt would work in this situation.

My (semi flexible) requirements are:

- Easily sourced robust router
- relatively affordable to buy in 25-100 unit batches
- has VOIP / rj-11 jacks for phones
- supports TR-069

Is openwrt a viable solution? 

So far there isn't a ton of options in this area, but one suggested option was the Cambium R200

Have you tried wiki's table of hardware both at OpenWrt and LEDE Project wikis? Quite a few people poured their soul and sweat into it, it might have information you're looking for.

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