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Topic: How to update Packages file for custom repository ?

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I compiled some packages for one of my boards and I would like to set up a repository.
I hand written Packages file and it works but I have several ipk so it will be too long to hand write them all.

I did not found anywhere in the doc how to generate the Package file, could you please help me ?

Thank you

Had the same question and @hnyman pointed me in the right direction, so this is part of the build script I'm using for my repo:

/SDK_ipq806x_17.01/scripts/ . 2>/dev/null > Packages.manifest
grep -vE '^(Maintainer|LicenseFiles|Source|Require)' Packages.manifest > Packages
gzip -9nc Packages > Packages.gz
/SDK_ipq806x_17.01/staging_dir/host/bin/usign -S -m Packages -s /SDK_ipq806x_17.01/my-repo.key

Needs to be run from the directory with *.ipk. I *think* you'll need to compile usign, the sources are in the SDK. You will then need to publish 4 Packages* files, just like here:

Hi stangri, thank you for your help.
I was not aware of "" script, works like a charm ! :-)


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