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Topic: Duplicate??

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tmo26 wrote:

Go ahead, merge both pages.
Take a look at for expected page structure and content.

I've started the "merge operation", but in the middle of doing that some doubts/questions about wiki structure came to my mind...
I ask you here because I don't know how to contact you in private. smile

  • when there's two hardware version of the same router model that differs only for ADSL/VDSL Annex support it isn't better to create two different techdata pages and only one device page (so whether if you search for model A or model B, you basically will end up to the same wiki page) instead of one single techdata page with crippled/strange model name?

  • for routers that have a plurality of hardware revision that differs a lot from each other, what it's better: to have all of them in a single page or grouped based on SoC they come with? (I think the first one)

1) No problem to have two dataentry pages for different annex support. In fact, this is the clean way, which hasn't been applied for some devices (information unknown at that time or other reasons) in the past.
2) All versions on one page is what we can see for several devices. To be honest, it does not make things clearer if the models have different SoC.
My proposal would be to put different hardware on different pages, and to create a separate overview page (if needed) to explain the differences of the models.
- Overview page: show all models for comparison, do not include model specific installation procedures here
- Model specific page: Explain model specific installation procedure.

In case of different annexes only (same SoC), there's nothing against having them on the same page, since the installation procedure will not differ.

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