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Topic: Free: Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro with many extras...

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Free to good home - great for hacking/learning. This is not a simple plug-play kit!

You'll get a box that includes (at least):
- Ubiquity RouterStation Pro motherboard
- 4x Wifi Cards - some high-power / high-spec
- a SafeXL encryption card
- 6x pig tails (plus 3x more)
- a nice aluminium case (with 6 SMA ports)
- a power supply unit
- several WiFi attennas
- a PL2023 serial to USB converter
- a cut-down SD-card to miniSD adapter
- a fancy outdoor 2.5GHz antenna
- a UK power supply unit

The WiFi cards include?
- 1x MikroTik RouterBoard RS2Hn
- 1x SparkLAN WMIA-199N

Everything was working last I looked - the whole thing has been in a box for a while (a couple of years). However, the system is provided as-is, and I can't be bothered to turn it on to see what happens next...

All I ask is for someone to cover my postage costs from Bristol, UK.

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I will have it. Please contact me in #openwrt channel on freenode iRC servers any working day between 9am and 4pm EET. Thanks.


is gone...



Please contact me again on iRC for payment details as I didn't find anything related to that in the box. Thanks.


zxdavb wrote:

- a SafeXL encryption card

can you tell me more?
about the kernel support? app support?

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