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Topic: TP-Link M7350 V3 Development

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Hello All,

I have in my hand a TP-Link M7350 and have disassembled the hardware for chipset identification. I have never seen such a beefy nand flash for a pocket router. Does this look like a good candidate for development? I will upload the hi resolution pictures of the board later today after work. Eventually I will try and log into the serial console directly from the serial port. Is there any interest in having an LTE portable wifi router update to the MR3040?

If any developer is interested I can provide the necessary dumps needed.

Flash Density = 2GB 1.8V
Ram Density = 1GB 400mhz DDR2 SDRAM 1.8V
Broadcom = BCM43241ZFKFFBG
Qualcomm =  MDM9225 1vv
4 Pin Serial Port Exposed

16 Pin unpopulated pads. possible jtag?

Any news? Have you given up on this device?

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