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Topic: USB over IP problems

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i have a new ZyXEL NBG6616, and i’d like to install USB over IP.
I’m using this guide:
I’d like to undestand how i can install this package.
this is a old guide, maybe there is one more recently. But i don’t found nothing on google.

I installed all components but when i done this command "usbip list -l"
it shot this error:

root@LEDE:~# usbip list -l
stub: udev_enumerate_add_nomatch_sysattr bDeviceClass 09
stub: udev_enumerate_add_nomatch_sysattr bInterfaceNumber (null)

How i can do for fix it?

I had the similar problem but unfortunately I have not found any solution. Pity. Have you tried to fix it by yourself?

I want to install it and found this thread.
The HowTo (link above) is for Attitude Adjustment and Barrier Breaker + Chaos Calmer. I run LEDE and can't find exactly what packages to install.

Documentation is really missing.
Any help?

What happens if you do the following?

opkg update
opkg install kmod-usb-ohci usbip-server usbip-client

I think you should replace it completely, I and many people no report but it does not seem perfect

Before installing, I am not skilled in USBIP but I'd be happy to understand why the modem need usbip-client installed.
The client should be in the computer, server in modem/router (connected to USB device) as I read here
I did opkg update then

opkg list | grep usbip
kmod-usbip - 4.4.92-1 - USB-over-IP kernel support
kmod-usbip-client - 4.4.92-1 - USB-over-IP client driver
kmod-usbip-server - 4.4.92-1 - USB-over-IP host driver
usbip - 2.0-5 - USB-over-IP (common)
usbip-client - 2.0-5 - USB-over-IP (client)
usbip-server - 2.0-5 - USB-over-IP (server)

opkg list | grep ohci
kmod-firewire-ohci - 4.4.92-1 - Kernel support for FireWire OHCI-1394 controllers
kmod-usb-ohci - 4.4.92-1 - Kernel support for USB OHCI controllers
kmod-usb-ohci-pci - 4.4.92-1 - Kernel support for PCI OHCI controllers

What is the difference between kmod-usbip-xx and usbip-xx?

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