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Topic: Dumb AP / Access Point Only - WIRELESS

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I want to connect 2 routers without cables... the main router has configurations (mac restrictions, dhcp, QOS rules), and the second router should use the restrictions from the main router.

I found the solution here.... I tried this document for dumbAP and it works as expected.

The problem is that it needs to be wired.... i want to do the same dumbAP in wireless mode.

Any guide please?

I just went through a similar situation.  I have a main router with several switch's that have to be connected.  So I use a pair of AP's.  I have (3 WDS enabled devices).  So I hooked one to my main router as the WDS AP and the other 2 are WDC clients.  This is all default config.  All I did was setup a wireless network on the main and then connect the other 2 two it.  I am done.  I know I can do more but, it is doing what I need to. 

BTW I have $24 in three AP's.  That's not a bad deal.

The only thing I need is reporting, and a central console.  Having to manage them independently is a pain.  But really not having to pay the huge management, & license fee's is the big pay off. 

Just off the subject why two routers?

Thanks for the answer, I use 2 router because i bought one, then i upgraded it..... since it's my home network, i'm just practicing.

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