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Topic: Alfa Tube 2H TUBE2H - is it supported and how

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I found a version of OpenWrt labeled "TUBE2H" for both a 8M and 16M device but after repeated searches online I cannot find any documentation dealing with upgrading the firmware in an Alfa Tube 2H, nor can I find anything referring how to determine if the Alfa Tube 2H I just purchased is a 8M or 16M version.

It seems strange that an apparent version of OpenWrt for this device named "TUBE2H" exists but there seems to be no references anywhere of anyone installing it.

What am I missing?   (Thanks!)

The most bizarre situation ... the device appears to be sold everywhere, yet nothing seems to have ever been written about the Alfa TUBE2H or where the OpenWRT support came from or any hint why there seems to be OpenWRT firmware but no indication or description of anyone ever having installed it. … ?rev=41649

Still no one has anywhere has tried the OpenWRT version for Alpha Tube 2H?

Somewhat mind boggling that a build of OpenWRT would be listed as "Tube2H" and no one I can find under the entire world of Google's clutches has ever spoken about installing it.  Someone somewhere had to request a build of something called "Tube2H".   I just don't want to take a chance guessing after paying the high price for this brand new device.

Can that info even be tracked down?   Who requested the initial build and how can I contact them?

I am very happy to report that on blind faith I installed the current offering of OpenWRT firmware for the Alfa TUBE 2H and the router booted flawlessly with this version and performs well.   Getting to the stock firmware via a browser to upgrade is a bit tedious in that you must manually configure the laptop accessing the router to a static IP address of 192.168.2.x where x > 1 and browse to to log in to admin/admin on the stock firmware browser and at that point going to the firmware update page accepts an OpenWRT firmware upgrade of lede-17.01.4-ar71xx-generic-tube2h-8M-squashfs-factory.bin after which waiting for the old browser location to do a full count-down with the browser still open to the old address, at that point the laptop IP 4 address static address should be returned to automatic DHCP setting and the router should then have booted with and Luci of OpenWRT.    Thanks team!

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I am new to openwrt and wondering how you got it onto the Tube 2H as there are no outdoor bullet style units that run openwrt that I know of. A quick write on how you got it working would be awesome!

Uhm.... Don Juane wrote just this right above your posting.

Never mind ! I found it... idono why I couldn’t locate the file before, sorry about that!

I wonder why there is a 16M version as I thought the Tube 2H was 8M only?

The odd thing is a few companies sell custom Bullet M2 and M5 “repeaters” with openwrt firmware running on them. Yet it seems like that’s not possible from reading on here? Can any other outdoor bullet style router except openwrt?

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Does anyone know the difference between the Tube 2H and the Tube 2HP? looks like the 2HP has 16Mb from what I have found for specs.

The Ubiquiti Bullet M2 / M5 is supported.  The Bullet only has 32 MB of RAM though.   How much RAM does the Tube have?

Also the now discontinued Picostation M2 seems to be the same as a Bullet M2 in a different form factor, with an external RP-SMA antenna directly attached.

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