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Topic: DDNS for NameSilo

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I'm trying to setup DDNS for NameSilo to update DNS records for my domains and subdomains.  I used "" as a guide to create a little script to make it run at startup, but I seem to stuck on extracting the record_id from the the xml file as there's no xmllint command in OpenWrt's libxml2 package.

So instead of using the xmllint to extract the record_id's (bb74e10cc00faa6b9e99b2cd108e1184 and a1cd001a0d9906f48cce82755e1dbcba) from the xml file, is there any other command I can use to extract the record_id's from the mydomain.xml file into place holders for use in the next operation to update the DNS records with NameSilo?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Google for "Bash XML extract". You will find a lot of ideas that could help you.
i.e. grep -oP "(?<=<record_id>)[^<]+" test.xml
Later on, you need to check if the version of "grep", "sed" or "awk" installed on LEDE/OpenWrt support all options.

here's an old code I wrote, hope it helps

I had to obfuscate all the URLs because of the silly spammers.
I trust you can restore them.


IP=$(ifstatus wan | jsonfilter -e '@["ipv4-address"][0].address')

#update an A record hosted by to point to my public IP


ZONE=$(curl --silent --connect-timeout 3 --insecure "ttps\\\api\dnsListRecords?version=1&type=xml&key=${KEY}&domain=${DOMAIN}")
IP=$(echo "$ZONE" | sed -n -e 's/.*<ip>\([0-9\.]*\)<\/ip>.*/\1/p')
RECID=$(echo "$ZONE" | sed -n -e "s/.*<record_id>\([0-9a-z]*\)<\/record_id><type>A<\/type><host>${REC}.${DOMAIN}<\/host>.*/\1/p")

[ -n "$IP" ] && [ -n "$RECID" ] &&
echo "I:$0: ${REC}.${DOMAIN}    $TTL    IN      A       $IP" >&2 &&
curl --silent --insecure "ttps\\\api\dnsUpdateRecord?version=1&type=xml&key=${KEY}&domain=${DOMAIN}&rrid=${RECID}&rrhost=${REC}&rrvalue=${IP}&rrttl=${TTL}"

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