The OpenWrt and the LEDE project are happily announcing the unification
of both projects under the OpenWrt name.

After long and sometimes slowly moving discussions about the specifics
of the re-merge, with multiple similar proposals but little subsequent
action, we're happy to announce that both projects are about to execute
the final steps of the merger.

The new, unified OpenWrt project will be governed under the rules
established by the LEDE project, which can be found at . Active members of both the former LEDE
and OpenWrt projects will continue working on the unified OpenWrt.

LEDE's spinoff and subsequent re-merge into OpenWrt will not alter the
overall technical direction taken by the unified project. We will
continue to work on improving stability and release maintenance while
aiming for frequent minor releases to address critical bugs and security
issues like we did with LEDE 17.01 and its four point releases until now.

Old pre-15.05 OpenWrt CC releases will not be supported by the merged
project anymore, leaving these releases without any future security or
bug fixes. The OpenWrt CC 15.05 release series will receive a limited
amount of security and bug fixes, but is not yet fully integrated in our
release automation, so binary releases are lacking behind for now.

The LEDE 17.01 release will continue to get full security and bug fix
support for both source code and binary releases.
We are planning a new major release under the new name in the next few

The merged project will use the code base of the former LEDE project.
OpenWrt specific patches not present in the LEDE repository but meeting
LEDEs code quality requirements got integrated into the new tree. The
source code is hosted at … ;a=summary with a
continuously synchronized Github mirror hosted at . We accept patches sent to our
mailing list via openwrt at (is still being setup) or
Github pull requests to .

Yet open pull requests to both the old OpenWrt and LEDE repositories
will be closed after a 30 day grace period. We encourage people to open
new pull requests at the new repository or re-send still unmerged patches.

The remerged OpenWrt project is legally represented by the Software in
the Public Interest (SPI) - an US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
(see ) The SPI is managing our
OpenWrt trademark, handling our donations and helping us with legal

The original OpenWrt codebase has been archived for future reference and
is hosted at .

The bug tracker is available at with previously
reported LEDE project issues migrated to it.

Old pre-15.05 OpenWrt CC releases, which are not supported any more, can
be found at .

Infrastructure currently available under the domain
will be moved to corresponding subdomains and redirects will
be put in place where appropriate.

The old OpenWrt buildbot infrastructure will be shut down and its
compute resources integrated with the existing LEDE infrastructure in
order to maintain build coverage of current and future releases.

The merger of the OpenWrt and LEDE forums and wikis is not yet fully
decided, so all portals will continue to be available under their
respective domains until a definite consensus is reached.

OpenWrt project