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Topic: How to revert from openwrt to stock WA901NDv4

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It wont accapt stock when i load into upgrade firmver how to do these? How to revert from openwrt to stock WA901v4 ap rputer

1. download stripped down bin version (with uboot cut off) from fried zombie (
2. firmware update as usual
3. now you have original firmware, which you can reflash with newest from tpl website

edit: shucks, he does not have v4 there :-( I quess you will have to strip uboot yourself, but to do that you will have to find uboot size or pm/email friedzombie, he's a nice guy, he'll help you.

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shucks do not have v4

is there webrevert for version four tplink wireless access point 901

still same router reboot and power on in lede

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