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Topic: Reset button in Openwrt source code

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Hi All,

I have a problem with Openwrt source, i don't know how to modify reset button with chipset MT7628.
Could you please show me where is the source code and how to modify reset button in openwrt source? File name or everything

Thank you

Thank you for your reply, but is this soft-reset? I mean, login to router, go to System -> Backup/flash firmware -> Reset to defaults. It will run this file.
About my problem, i want to use hard-reset, i mean, press and hold the reset button and the router will be restore the default.
I don't know how to modify

There is no physical hard reset for most routers. There is only that soft reset that I linked to.

The soft reset script can be launched either from LuCI or from the physical reset button, but in both cases the same script is run.

Thank you for your reply, so how to launch the soft reset from the physical reset button? because i modified with your link then press and hold reset button and the router not run to reset mode
Please help me detailed instructions!

It depends on you router model if the reset button is called "reset" and if it is supported.
In any case, the default script requires you to push the button for 5 seconds.

You can also test the reset action manually: just issue the command jffs2reset
and answer y to the confirmation question, and then reboot.
That will wipe your router.

My Router's chip is 7628, i don't know how to do with it.
I also modified like this guide:
but it has no any happen sad(
Sorry for the link

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